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Made It Designer Spotlight: Meredith and Jessie from Dough Re Mi make every batch from scratch

25 November 2016

Designer Spotlight: Dough Re Mi

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Made It Designer Spotlight: Dough Re Mi Cookies

The Dough Re Mi team is a fierce team of two – Meredith and Jessie and we love to bake. We are the cookie crew and co-founders of Dough Re Mi.

Made It Designer Spotlight: The Dough Re Mi duo at home in the kitchen

We know that there is nothing better than the sweet crunch of biting into a perfectly baked cookie and wanted to share our creations with the world.

Made It Designer Spotlight: A spoon full of flower cookies by Dough Re Mi

We started on our cookie adventure in July 2016. We are at the same playgroup in North Wagga, and we were discussing whether we should hold a bake sale to raise money for it and then the conversation then ended up with “should we start a business?” It was as simple as that! A quick 2-minute conversation and the rest is history.

Made It Designer Spotlight: Chatty Fairy Bread by Dough Re Mi

First came our name (that was all Jessie), then the logo, and we had our first market 3 weeks later. The buzz of the first sale was incredible. It is crazy to think that Dough Re Mi isn’t even 6 months old yet!

Made It Designer Spotlight: ‘BAM!’ cookies by Dough Re Mi

We both LOVE to bake – we both have fond memories of baking in the kitchen at home with our mums (who we occasionally rope in to help with those big orders) and it has all just stemmed from that.

Made It Designer Spotlight: Dough Re Mi make every batch from scratch

Our motto is “every batch from scratch”. We love the process of creating our cookies from raw ingredients and turning them into something that people keep coming back for.

Made It Designer Spotlight: The cookie ‘DOUGH’ in Dough Re Mi

All the magic happens in our humble kitchens. We are very lucky that we live in neighbouring suburbs as there has been many a dash for extra butter or eggs in the craziness of baking for a deadline.

Made It Designer Spotlight: Where the Dough Re Mi magic happens

Because we are mums of young families, we get to spend a lot of time together outside of the kitchen, with play dates, preschool pickups and play group each week. That really gives us inspiration for new designs and yummy flavour combinations.

Made It Designer Spotlight: Things heating up in the Dough Re Mi kitchen

 Made It Designer Spotlight: Dough Re Mi keep the cookie monster happy

WE LOVE LOCAL! We use local ingredients where ever we can. Our bacon (yes we use bacon in one of our cookies) is from a local free range pork producer and the tea in our Earl Grey is from a small local Wagga business.

 Made It Designer Spotlight: Dragon Eggs by Dough Re Mi

We get our gorgeous eggs from a family that live just out of Wagga that have their chooks outside basking in the sun during the day and our dried Cherries are not from the US, they are from Young, the cherry capital of Australia. We appreciate all the support we have been given from the local community so we give back as much as we can. We believe in karma and paying it forward.

Made It Designer Spotlight: Dough Re Mi source local ingredients from their community

This is going to sound cliché but everything inspires us! We will spend an afternoon at the park with the kids and brain storm the next theme of cookies or an idea on how to change the packaging or our market set up.

Made It Designer Spotlight: Star Cookies by Dough Re Mi

We spend lots of time in the kitchen with our kids. They “help” us while we work. It’s amazing the ideas you get from kids when you give them some dough to play with and see what they produce. They use the fondant tools in a totally different way than we use them and because they have no boundaries they are able to create things that we didn’t even think of.

Made It Designer Spotlight: Dough Re Mi’s beautiful unicorn cookies

There is nothing nicer than walking into a house and smelling freshly baked cookies. We bake that much now that people can even smell the cookies from the street!

Made It Designer Spotlight: Molasses and Pretzel Cookies by Dough Re Mi

Made It Designer Spotlight: Custom branded cookies by Dough Re Mi

We love the world of handmade. When you create, it instantly gives you a membership into the handmade community. There are so many people who want to help you, build you up, give you advice, tell you what mistakes they made and how to avoid the same – it’s a very friendly and supportive environment. It’s something that we both turn to when we have a question or just need to have a good vent.

Made It Designer Spotlight: A jar of donut cookies by Dough Re Mi

As a shopper, the world of handmade gives you that feel-good feeling. You are making a difference to a family – helping kids go to dance class or allowing a Mum or Dad to work from home and look after their kids.

Made It Designer Spotlight: Just one more Dough Re Mi cookie can’t hurt – right?

It’s an environment that should be celebrated and supported.

Visit Meredith and Jessie’s Store to find delicious treats: Dough Re Mi

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