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 Anne-Marie from Anne-Marie Broughton Art

06 May 2016

Designer Spotlight: Anne-Marie from Anne-Marie Broughton Art

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My name is Anne-Marie and I live in Adelaide, South Australia, with my husband, two young children, our loyal schnauzer and a very fluffy ragdoll cat. I grew up on Eyre Peninsula, by the sea, and I love to paint mermaids in my spare time. I’ve been selling on Made It since 2014 as a hobbyist. I paint using acrylics on wood, shells and semi-precious stones, creating unique mermaid bracelets, boxes and pendants. I also love drawing mermaids and other fantasy creatures using graphite and colour pencils.

 Waterlily Mermaid Bracelet

As I mostly paint in miniature I don’t require a lot of space to work in, my father made a beautiful architect desk which I have set up in the corner of our living room along with a bright floor lamp, which is wonderful for painting and drawing in the evenings.

Anne-Marie at work in her living room

I love being able to work surrounded by my family and have their company while I bring my designs to life. I paint using non-toxic acrylics and seal my work with high gloss acrylic varnish. For drawing, my favourite pencils to use are mechanical pencils which are great for fine details and line work.

Anne-Marie’s living room workspace at the architect’s desk built by her father

I’ve always loved drawing from a young age and was always encouraged by my family to develop my talent. As a teenager I attended many local art workshops and focused on art in my senior year of high school.

 Seafoam Dream Pendant

After moving from the country to the city for university, I found opportunities selling my art prints at local craft markets and medieval fairs. I worked on drawing commissions such as children’s portraits, fantasy book covers and sci-fi cover art for an online magazine.

 Ocean Dreams Bracelet

After working in a digital format for a few years, I had a longing to return to traditional methods, and I began painting on wood bracelets using acrylics. I hadn’t really attempted painting with acrylics since high school so I had to teach myself and learn from my own mistakes.

Work in progress

Sometimes you don’t know if it will work until you try it, and it if it doesn’t work the first time just keep on going until you get there. The beauty of acrylics is that they can easily be painted over, and they dry quickly. I always have ideas and dreams about new projects. Don’t be afraid to try something different and unique; you may not master it on the first attempt, but with practice you can bring your dreams to life.

 Paua Mermaid  wood box purse

I think I’m mostly inspired by childhood memories of growing up by the beach, playing in the waves and discovering little creatures in the rock-pools, like crabs and starfish and periwinkles. It was easy to imagine magical creatures like mermaids living beneath the surface of the sea.

 Green Beauty Pendant

I love animals and I like to paint pictures showing that beautiful strong bond people can have with animals, whether they are mythical, like dragons, or real, like whales and dolphins. I tell a story in my paintings of the wonder, admiration and also playfulness between people and animals in the wild.

Seahorse Bracelet

Whale Song Bracelet

I love the uniqueness of handmade, that it has been made by someone with passion and dedication and an original idea has been brought to life. You can hold it and admire it, and it seems to have its own inner soul because it has been made with love and care. I put a lot of my love into each of my handmade pieces and I feel as though each one has a little piece of my heart inside it.

Lion Fish Mermaid Pendant

I love how Made It supports Australian handmade arts and crafts and is a treasure trove of local talent. My Made It shop helps me to showcase my work and provides a great platform for promotion of my art. To me it’s like having a craft stall that’s open all the time but it’s much easier to manage and it reaches a far wider audience.

Visit Anne-Marie’s Store to discover some magic for yourself: Annemarieb

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