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 Emma from Emma Draws Everyday

25 March 2016

Designer Spotlight: Emma from Emma Draws Everyday

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Hi! My name is Emma and I’m an artist and illustrator. I live in a small country town in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales with my husband and five young children.

I came to be an artist only recently. My background prior to having children was as a Producer, making television commercials and music videos. Then, realising my childhood dream of being a mother, I chose to be a stay at home one, which for me really is the best job in the world. As the years have ticked by I have had the luxury of having time to get a bit arty and crafty. I love to knit, crochet and now I love to draw and paint.

 Dog Illustration

Using the services of a local printing shop, I turn my illustrations into greeting cards and prints which are now sold in bookstores in Queensland and New South Wales, as well as here on Made It.

Inspiration: Baristas

For me, life is inspiration; it bombards me daily through raising my children and the hilarious conversations and imaginings they come up with, as well as the seasons and the great outdoors.

Grass Haired Woman

Octopus Head

I like to come up with new ideas and images, different to anything someone else might be doing, not to stand out as such, but to entertain and get people thinking differently.

Spoon Girls

My ‘studio’ is an old wooden table in our family room, so I am close to everyone if inspiration strikes in daylight hours. Although I mainly paint at night time when the house has all gone quiet.

Emma in her studio

My tools consist of lots of fine brushes, ‘000’ size being the most used, H Staedtler pencils, and my favourite paint, which is Art Spectrum Gouache. I sometimes work with watercolour and ink and my favourite paper to paint on is Canson.

Emma’s home studio

I’ve been obsessed with colour since I was a young girl, fully aware of the profound effects colour has on people. Whether the palette is soft and warm, vibrant and cool, black and white, or pops of joyful colour, I find it thrilling mixing paints to create just the right hue.

Cat painting

I really like painting imaginary characters and animals. Quite often I will start just with drawing a face, not knowing where the idea will end up. I have found that once the eyes are painted, the character is formed and the rest falls into place. I generally spend anywhere between 3 and 6 hours on an illustration. I don’t like to labour too long as that might take the fun out of it and run the risk of over working something.

Documenting the process of becoming an artist on Instagram

A couple of years ago I signed up for a line drawing course through Creative Bug online. My level of skill was pretty much stick figures and single-stemmed flower doodles. The course basically got me putting pen to paper and gave me the precious mantra ‘to embrace my mistakes as that is what makes my work mine’ – so cool. With that in mind, and a whole lot of determination to get better at drawing, I created an Instagram account and decided to share my process of becoming an artist. I began to draw every day.

House illustration

Instagram has been great for me. You have an audience that will often give you positive feedback, which spurs you on to create more art. Through it I have even been lucky enough to make some great connections which have helped turn my hobby and passion into a business.

Cat Illustration

A dear friend and big supporter of my work told me to check out Made It and in late 2014 I opened my Made It shop, starting with just a few prints. Now I have over a hundred items listed, cards, prints, little paintings on wood and wooden spoon girls.

Girl and Bear

Made It has enabled me to have a home based business right at my fingertips. I can create artwork and load it up instantly, getting my work out there whilst nestling amongst a whole bunch of very talented craftspeople and their handmade products.

Handmade is simply special; something to be treasured and hopefully passed on or handed down. The thought and love behind a handmade item has the power to permeate through to receiver, sharing the love. Handmade is for keeps. It makes me really happy to think of the smiles that my cards and artwork may receive.

Visit Emma’s Store to find more whimsical characters: emmadrawseveryday

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