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Lindsey creates greeting cards for situations that suck!

09 February 2018

Designer Spotlight: Hardcopy Cartel

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Designer of Greeting Cards for Situations that Suck, Lindsey: “With my cards and the way I operate Hardcopy Cartel in general, the most important thing for me is keeping things local and eco friendly

My name is Lindsey Mineff, and I make “Greeting Cards for Situations that Suck!”. I've been on Madeit for a few months. There are similar platforms out there, but when it comes to support and the “community feel,” they have nothing on Madeit. It’s great of course that it’s all Aussie owned businesses as well, so that I can connect directly to locals.

I work solo, but from time to time I ask my husband, who’s a copywriter, to read over my words to make sure they sound as good or clever as I think they do ;)

A collection of Hardcopy Cartel greeting cards for the less happy moments in life

We have one fur baby; her name is Luna and she’s a sweet kitty. My full-time job is running my design company Hardcopy Cartel from my home studio in Melbourne. I specialise in branding and illustrations, as well as general graphic design. Plus, I produce and sell my cards through the same company.

Lindsey in her workspace at co-working space, One Roof

Things that are important to me, in no particular order: the happiness of my family, being a strong creative female in an industry that often feels like a sausage club, travel, giving back to the community (I'm a volunteer designer for an environmental non-profit), and using my cards to help normalize mental health.

Depression is F*cking Heavy greeting card by Hardcopy Cartel

Heartfelt sentiments in a Hardcopy Cartel greeting card for depression sufferers

I mainly work from my home in St Kilda or from my local café, Iddy Biddy. I also work from One Roof, an all-female co-working space in Southbank, which is absolutely fabulous. They’ve been massively supportive in helping me grow Hardcopy Cartel into what it is today. I highly recommend any ladies out there looking for a good co-working space to check them out!

Lindsey outside the all-female co-working space, One-Roof, where she bases her design business

Strangely, a lot of my creative process is sitting and thinking. For the cards, I read a lot of blogs and try and get into the heads of people going through different “sucky” times. I think about how I would feel, or if it’s something that’s happened to me too, how I felt. Then I think of imagery that shows those feelings, but how I can make it funny. Then it’s pen to paper… (though I do have a new Ipad Pro which is super fun to play with!) and then onto InDesign.

Illustrations in progress on paper & iPad before creating the final design using inDesign

I have BA in psychology (minoring in photography) from DePaul University in Chicago. After graduating I went to grad school where I studied photography for 2 years at Columbia College also in Chicago.

I’ve had a number jobs: worked in child care, was a photographer, dabbled in web design, and a few other drips and drabs before I moved to Australia. I moved here 5 years ago, worked in a community centre for 3 years while studying graphic design, and started Hardcopy Cartel right after graduating from Shillington College in Melbourne.

Hardcopy Cartel: Illustrated greeting cards for life’s sucky situations. Funny on the outside, and heartfelt on the inside

With my cards and the way I operate Hardcopy Cartel in general, the most important thing for me is keeping things local and eco-friendly. I make all my designs myself, I have them printed locally, I buy the envelopes locally, and I hand stamp each one myself.

When I first started I was using plastic sleeves to post them out, but now I use cute brown bags that I also hand stamp. I hope to soon be able to switch to recycled paper and vegan inks. I know I could be printing them cheaper overseas, but supporting my local printer is more important to me than adding profit.

From the Editor:

I also had a great time working with Lindsey to create our new Madeit brand, including our logo and the illustration of our submark image and some of our icons late last year, all on a super short timeline and I think she did an amazing job – don’t you agree?! 😉 Lou

Visit Hardcopy Cartel to find heartfelt and humerous greeting cards for life’s suckier moments: HardcopyCartel

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