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madeit designer spotlight SimplyType

Tell us a bit about yourself

Howdy! I’m Brianna & live in Central Vic.. I am a mum to two sweet girls Eden (4) & Jensen (2).. Oh and a wife to a very supportive & awesome husband.. In my previous life I was a.. umm.. Human Resources Officers.. {so boring!}

madeit designer spotlight SimplyType

Can you explain your craft/art and the material you like to use?

So I make timber signs… I absolutely LOVE timber!! The grain, the different shades, shapes, recycled or new. It’s all so lovely to look at & feel!! The other element I love is the colour of the paint I use.. I try & not use ‘normal’ colours & experiment with different shades..

Where do you get your inspiration and what is your creative process?

Sounds a little cliché but inspiration is really everywhere! I love flipping through magazines (I have a mountain of Frankie magazines exactly for my inspiration), Pinterest & Instagram..

How long have you been creating and how did you get into craft/art?

So I opened Simply Type about 2 years ago.. I’ve always enjoyed making things from hand but I guess I never really took it seriously until I had Eden.. She was a terrible sleeper so I took up crafting as my ‘thing’ (to stay sane!) I kinda fell into my timber art as I was looking to add some artwork to my bare walls.. I couldn’t find any custom timber sign businesses so I worked out to do my own.. And now here I am… Completely loving my business & so thrilled that other people are jumping on the Simply Type train!

How did you come up with your business name?

Sorry, this one is a boring story… When starting out I wrote down all the words that I wanted my business to be.. Typography, type, words, simplicity, meaning, quotes.. Then it just came to me..

What resources 'have or do you' use to help your creative pursuits (i.e. groups, classes, shops, websites etc)?

I am a bit of a learning nerd! So in the past two years I have completed about 3 online courses.. Plus blogs, youtube & pinterest.. My favourite was Set Up Shop by Create and Thrive.. It really gave me a kick up the bum to really define what I wanted out of my business & then steps to help me achieve it. I go over the course booklet all the time.. Just to make sure I am still on track which is a fantastic resource. It definitely is an ongoing adventure.. Oh and I’m going to The Artful Business Conference in September which will just be two awe-inspiring days.. Eek! Can’t wait!

What's your best advice for someone starting up?

Research! Passion! Determination! Sense of humour! A love of crafting…

Do you have any advertising/promotion tips for sellers to be successful?

I don’t really have any tips on this… But I do think that handmakers need to advertise on different mediums. So this would include blogs, Facebook, Madeit & Instagram. Unfortunately advertising in newspapers & magazines can be a little out of my budget so I tend to stick to the cheaper alternatives.

Can you share any lessons that you have learned the hard way?

I’m not sure if I have learned anything the hard way but I do know that it is a constant learning curve in all aspects of my business…

What do you like to do besides creating?

Since I have my two beautiful girls & the business I don’t really get much spare time! But if I do find 5 minutes then give me a Frankie Mag & you won’t see me.. I’ll be soaking up all the inspiration..

What is your favourite music, television show, film, book, website?

Music: Josh Pyke, Megan Washington, Gossip, Foo Fighters

TV Shows: The Block, Selling Houses Australia, Location Location Australia, Can I say The Vampire Diaries? The nerd coming out in me!

Films: Grease (1 & 2!), The Outsiders

Books: Give me a magazine any day over a book. Frankie Magazine, Bespoke Magazine, Real Living

Websites: Create & Thrive, The Business Bakery, Interiors Addict

What would be your perfect day?

iPad in one hand, pear cider in the other… Lazing in the sun with the girls playing around me (without any fighting!) BLISS!

Who is one of your favourite madeit seller, explain why in less than 10 words?

Silver Spoon Vintage - Swooning over these! Now I just need an occasion to buy some..

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5 August 2014

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