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Leaving Feedback

Your feedback on your Madeit purchases is super important both for our makers and for other shoppers. Once you receive your purchases, please sign in to your Madeit account to leave feedback for the store you purchased from by following these steps:
Click the Feedback icon icon or from My Madeit, select the 'Feedback' option from the left navigation panel, then select 'Leave Feedback' at the top of the page.
For each product you've purchased, select a Positive, Negative of Neutral feedback score and leave a comment to describe your experience (note that this is feedback for the seller, but also useful information for other potential buyers) and press the Submit button.

Please note that items you've purchased will only be available in your feedback list for six months from the date of purchase so please leave feedback promptly after you receive your order.

Feedback is not currently available for guest users. If you have an account but checked out as a guest, please email us at support@madeit.com.au with the invoice number and your username and we can add the order to your account so you can leave feedback. If you checked out as guest and would like to leave feedback you can create an account and email the same information as outlined above and we can add the order to your new account.

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