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Ways to Find Items

How does the buying work on Madeit?

You buy direct from the seller and payment is paid to the seller via PayPal or direct deposit. We allow our sellers to set their payment method, so they may offer both PayPal or direct deposit or just one of these options.

Will I be sent an email when I make a purchase?

Yes, you will be sent an email to your nominated email address with the details of your purchase. You can also access your purchase details in your My Madeit> Purchases

How does the Madeit cart work?

We have a new cart which now allows you to checkout one seller at a time. Firstly, add your item or items to your cart, they will be grouped into sellers’ orders and each order will have their own checkout option.

You can easily remove items from your cart and change the quantities, add the item to your favourites, change postage types and change the postage address.

Once you have finished shopping with the seller click your preferred checkout method. Below are more details on each checkout purchase.

Can you explain the PayPal checkout process?

We have recently upgraded our cart and all PayPal purchases must be paid on checkout, if you don't confirm your purchase on the Madeit website after logging into PayPal your purchase won't be made.

• Once you have finished shopping with the seller click the checkout with PayPal button in the cart
• You will then be directed to the PayPal website to login
• PayPal will ask to continue with your payment
• You will be directed back to the Madeit website to the confirmation page
• Click confirm and a confirmation screen will appear to say your purchase has been successful
• You will be sent emails from both PayPal and Madeit confirming your purchase

Can I pay with my credit card using PayPal?

Yes, we ask that all sellers offer this service to Madeit buyers, you simply go through the above process and you will be given an option on the PayPal website to pay with your credit card.

If this option doesn't show, then please let Madeit support know so we can ask that the seller change their PayPal settings.

Can you explain the direct deposit checkout process?

Direct deposit is only available for buyers who have a Madeit account.

Once you have finished shopping with the seller click the checkout with direct deposit button in the cart, you will them be asked to confirm your process. At this point you have bought the item and a confirmation screen will appear to say your purchase has been successful.

If the seller has stored their BSB & Account details they will appear on the confirmation screen, a message may also appear giving you more instructions for example the seller will be touch asap with their bank details.

Guest Checkout

Do I need an account on Madeit to buy?

You no longer need to register for an account to buy on Madeit as we now have guest checkout. However, if you do have an account you can choose to stay signed in by clicking the Stay Signed In option.

How does the guest checkout work?

Firstly add the items to your cart, once you have finished shopping with that seller add your address via the add/edit postage details in the cart then simply checkout via PayPal. When you have entered your details in PayPal you will be asked to confirm your purchase on the Madeit website. You will be sent an email confirming your purchase from Madeit & PayPal.

Can I give feedback if I guest checkout?

No you won't be able to give feedback to the seller if you use guest checkout.

What are the benefits of having a Madeit account?

Creating an account on madeit.com.au means you can checkout faster, contact stores, save multiple postage addresses, access order information, favourite items / stores and give feedback.

Where do I set up an account?

You can so this via the Register link on the top right of the banner.

Ways to Find Items

There are a number of ways you can find items on Madeit. On this page we have explained in detail the many ways to shop on Madeit. Look out for the moving arrow on the images below.

Gift Guide, New Items & Sale Items

buying on Madeit

Our gift guide is ordered into categories based on theme, occasion or price point. The gift guide is seller-paid advertising for a duration of 15 days, which means it's always being updated.

The New Items page is a delight of the recently added items. You can find goodies by clicking the thumbnails. Have a look we are sure something will grab your attention!

Our Sale Items page shows the items our sellers currently have on sale.

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Homepage & Shopping Guides

buying on Madeit

The featured items on the homepage is updated regularly with a new collection of handmade finds. Be sure to visit our homepage to get your daily dose of Australian handmade!

As part of our promotion we send out a community newsletter jam-packed with delightful handmade goodies to our list of subscribers each week. Not a subscriber? Don't worry, you can explore our recently sent emails on our Shopping Guides page

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Designer Spotlight & Picks

buying on Madeit

Every two weeks we interview a new Designer in the Spotlight about their art & craft, inspiration and much more. Be inspired!

On our Picks page, makers from our community take a turn at being Pick Editors. Pop by regularly to see our new pickers showcase their Madeit favourites.

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Browsing Items & Stores

buying on Madeit

Browse our shop for handmade items by clicking the categories on the left-hand side. Sub-categories will drop down to allow you to easily refine your search. Have fun!

On our Stores page you can easily find sellers who have recently added items to their store, or change the search bar drop-down to Makers to search by store name. If you want to display our Top Sellers or New Sellers first, or order the stores alphabetically, you can do this by changing the drop-down menu.

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