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Find inspiration for your next creative project in the subtle side of life with our Subdued Hues colour palettes

11 March 2016

Colour Inspiration: Subdued Hues

This week we’re taking colour cues from the subtle side of life.

Subdued palettes are peaceful, and timeless, which makes them perfect for interior projects, home décor creations, and sophisticated fashion pieces.

Botanical colour inspiration: white roses

Roses are white,
and yellow too;
botanic perfection
in muted hues.

Romance & roses don’t always have to be defined by red, right?

Feline colour inspiration: regal white cat with two-tone iris

Doesn’t this furry princess demonstrate the beauty in individuality? Understated palettes give a sense of refined luxury.

Coastal colour inspiration: mint green lifesaving lookout

This coastal scheme of minty green, subtle ocean blues and creamy sands is refreshing, yet relaxed.

Landscape colour inspiration: rolling sand dunes painted pastel by the sunrise

The sun painting gentle pastel shades over these rolling sand dunes is almost ethereal and would be perfect inspiration for styling a little girl’s nursery.

Words by:
Made It Editor, Louise

Louise (a.k.a. “Mrs Made It”)

Wordsmith, art & craft enthusiast, and grand-visionary.

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