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A Greeting Card with Heart

20 August 2016

Three Ways to Make a Greeting Card from the Heart

In this digital age, letter writing isn’t obsolete or old-fashioned. It’s now a classic way to greet someone on their birthday, send wishes on their wedding day, show someone you care in times of difficulty, or simply to communicate and remind someone that you’re thinking of them. It can also be a good way to practice your handwriting which you probably haven’t practiced since high school or college in this age of texting and emailing.

A store-bought card is already nice and thoughtful. But a better and more loving way to get that “Hello!” across is a card which you have made yourself. It is not as hard as you think. All you need is some papers, some colouring materials, and a little imagination. Here are 3 ways to make your own personalized greeting cards for the special people in your life.

Green is the way to go!

Make a card using leaves One of the oldest but still the most effective trick in designing a card is using something that you can see almost everywhere – leaves! All you need to do is to cut and fold the art paper you’ll be using as your card, get some freshly picked leaves from your garden or yard, and then lastly, get a hammer and a few paper towels. Create a border design by placing the leaves on the paper, cover it with a paper towel, and hammer away. When you peel off the paper towel, you will see that the leaves left a natural watermark on your card. No need to draw. Let nature do that for you.

Blow Them Away With Your Card

Make a Wishing Card This one is just so easy to make, it won’t take you even five minutes. Again, cut and fold the paper you’ll be using as your card, make a little pocket at the bottom by folding the bottom side of the paper and gluing only the ends of the fold. In that little bottom pocket, put a small wishing candle. You can write “Make your wish!” on your card or you can write your wish for them as well. You are sure to give your recipient another reason to celebrate.

Get the Kids Involved

Get the Kids Creating A way to greet Dad on Father’s Day, or a gift for the Grandparents, would be a card specially made by the kids. Some non-toxic, child-safe paints will make this card-making fun for everyone. Lay out the blank cards and have the kids do their finger painting or hand painting. It can be a bit messy but this will bring out your kids’ artistic side as well as yours.

Words by:
Made It Guest Blogger, Jonathan
Guest blogger,

Earl Jonathan Tech

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