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5 Reasons to Support Local Artisans

30 July 2016

5 Reasons to Support Local Artisans

Before our world became a globalised society, you would go down to your local market and purchase or trade your goods for someone else’s. Maybe you have some delicious goat’s milk to trade for a loaf of artisan bread.

Artisan goods used to be all people bought Each and every product would have been sourced, created and traded within about a 100km radius, and chances are, you knew the person (they were probably your neighbour).

Things have changed a little though! However, that doesn't mean you don't have easy access to quality, handmade goods that are created by local craft makers. Supporting local artisans is absolutely one of the best ways to promote the Aussie creative community.

Bird illustration in progress by Vicky Pratt Illustration

Bird illustration in progress by Vicky Pratt Illustration

Here are just a few reasons you should always buy handmade when possible:

1. You’re going to get a piece of work that has been made with careful consideration and a whole lot of love
2. Buying from Australia means less shipping costs, as well as lowering your eco footprint
3. The product will be unique and the chances are, only a few other people will have a similar item to you!
4. Handmade products tend to last longer. Whilst mass-manufacturers tend to opt for the cheapest supplies, the opposite can be said for genuine craftspeople
5. On top of all that you’ll also love the feeling of supporting a skilled artist, which means you won’t get that post-spending guilt

Buying handmade positively impacts more than just the artist who created the piece of clothing, jewellery or stationery set; it also helps the immediate community, the environment, and the local economy. So why wouldn’t you invest your money where it really counts?

Here are five inspiring products you can buy right here on Made It!

Unique baby shower gifts

Does a new mum really need another mediocre gift or would she really appreciate something a little different, special, and thought out. Perhaps a crocheted baby bonnet?

Hand-knitted bonnet

Hand-knitted baby bonnet by Amy Myers Heirloom Handknits

Distinctive stationery

Stationery shops like Typo and Kikki K are great but if you want something eye catching go for handmade stationery sets that have unique stamps, lettering and prints

Distinctive stationery

Writing stationery set by Alma B

Unique jewellery that isn't run-of-the-mill

You definitely won’t catch a girl walking down the street with the same necklace as you when you buy hand-crafted.

Copper earrings

Hammered copper and sterling silver earrings by Aeonic Design

Handmade Leather Products

Leather goods are great items to buy handmade, they’ll have a lot more sentimental value and you’ll wear it knowing all the little intricate details were made with careful consideration

Leather bag

Printed leather satchel by AnElementofStyle

Funky Pet Products

They might not be the first thing you think of when you are after something hand-crafted, but if you’re going to purchase a new collar, pillow or toy for your precious furry-friend, why not put as much thought into their products as you do yours?

guinea pig clothing

Skull print guinea pig dress and leash set by Miss Laine

So whether you’re after a unique engagement ring for your soon-to-be fiancé, or if hand painted lampshades are more your style, there is no need to buy from a faceless brand; buy from someone who puts their heart and soul into every stitch and swoop of their brush. Buy handmade and support your local artisan.

Words by:
Made It Guest Blogger, Alessandra
Guest blogger,

Alessandra Melville (a.k.a. Amateur Ally)

Alessandra is a wannabe coffee connoisseur who enjoys writing about everything and dreams about being a pug mother.

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