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The Waiting Game

07 May 2016

The Waiting Game: or learning not to wish away time

As Mother’s Day is upon us for another year Sarah Davies reflects back on the waiting game that is pregnancy.

Currently, I am sitting at 39-weeks pregnant and pondering just how I got here. Being pregnant and then reflecting back on your pregnancy is one of those strange things where, on one hand you're thinking "oh god, I’ve been pregnant FOREVER”, and on the other you're like "how did I end up here so fast?" Being that I've spent most of my pregnancy in gorgeous summery weather, I'm also thinking "Summer is over? But I barely even got to the beach!” (Which is what I end up thinking at the start of Autumn EVERY year).

So what does it all mean? Did I really wish my pregnancy away? I mean, I've had such an easy, non complicated pregnancy, with minimal discomforts (well from what I can tell, not that I have anything to compare it to), so it just doesn’t make sense to me to have been wishing it away.

The only other part of life's journey we really wish time to go faster than it is, is possibly those years leading up to turning 18. But did I really wish it away or was I just impatient for it to happen because the reward for getting to that point was so exciting? The more I think about it, I don't think it was wishing that I was already in the future and already being 18, it was excitement for what the future would bring, and that's more fitting to how I feel right now. I have been waiting for this bub for over 9 months, and I'm pretty damn ready for him to be here now, thank you!

It’s not really comparable to something like a change of seasons, because the seasons always return. And obviously, I think it makes much more sense to be wishing it could just stay summer forever in this beautiful city of Sydney (although at this stage of my pregnancy, humidity is my personal enemy).

Today is the main event.

I think the lesson is, get excited about the future, and get impatient (if that’s what you feel like), but don't get to the point where you are not, at the same time, appreciating the loveliness of the process as well. The most memorable stories are from when we were trying to sneak into places at 17, not after!

While I sit here waiting, somewhat impatiently, for my bub to make his appearance into the world, I am reminded not to wish this quiet, peaceful time away. To instead pay more attention to the now, to love the gift of time, and to really take a deep breath, relax and stay in the here and now as much as I possibly can.

Words by:
Made It Guest Blogger, Sarah
Guest blogger,

Sarah Davies

Sarah is mum to a beautiful baby boy in Sydney, NSW. She is also fanatical about health, fitness and living the best life possible.
Follow Sarah on Twitter: @sarah_m_davies

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