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Going Bald for Charity

16 April 2016

Going Bald for Charity

Meet Hayley and Courtney Landy, a couple of sisters who are daring to shave their heads (at the beginning of a Melbourne winter, no less!) to raise much-needed funding for two charities close to their hearts.

On the 22nd May the pair will shave their heads to raise money for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation and the Save-a-Dog Scheme (SADS) and they are already over two-thirds of the way to their fundraising goal of $3,000!

The girls’ grandfather and Haley’s mother-in-law both passed away as the result of brain cancer and working as a nurse in the neuro-surgery ward of The Royal Children’s Hospital, Haley is witness to the heart-breaking impact of the disease on families, every day.

Brain cancer is responsible for more child deaths in Australia than any other disease, and claims a staggering 1200 Australian lives every year. Despite its prevalence, survival rates have remained relatively static, and the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation invest much-needed funding in the development of new treatments to improve the survival rates of the 1600 Australians diagnosed with the disease each year, from 20% to 50% by 2023.

Cure Brain Cancer Foundation Logo

Courtney also wanted to raise money for a local charity who are also desperate for funding. Her belief that “animals deserve the same amount of love and respect that they offer us unconditionally” led her to choose the Save-a-Dog Scheme (SADS), who care for and rehome vulnerable animals.

Unlike many other shelters, SADS have a “no-kill” policy, which means that animals unable to be rehomed are cared for by volunteers for the rest of the animals’ natural lives. This places a great strain on the resources of this not-for-profit organisation, which is why the support of the local community, including fundraisers like this one, are vital to the ongoing work of SADS.

Rosie, a beneficiary of the Save-A-Dog Scheme

Hayley and Courtney have set up an appeal page on mycause.com.au to raise funds for their selected causes and they’re also auctioning off donated products (including a $50 Made It voucher!) via their Facebook group to raise further funds.

If you'd like to donate to the cause, you can do so via the Landy sisters’ fundraising page and if you’re in Melbourne, follow the hashtag #Landysgobald for Facebook updates on the shave so you can head down and show your support.

Words by:
Editor, Louise

Louise (a.k.a. “Mrs Made It”)

Wordsmith, art & craft enthusiast, and grand-visionary.

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