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2015 Made It’s 2015 Top Sellers: a reflection

06 February 2016

Love Yo’self this Valentine’s Day

So all of a sudden it’s Valentine’s Day. And you’re single. Again. While some might be absolutely ok with this (and possibly even prefer it), others cringe at the prospect of flying solo on the day of PDA. If you fall into column B, now’s the time to switch your thinking and embrace doing Valentine’s Day your way. Why? Because despite a widespread belief that it’s a day engineered around commercial greed, surely having just one day out of hundreds that encourages us to think more about love and less about hate can’t be all that much of a bad thing. Attached or not, Valentine’s Day is a beautiful reminder of all the things you love in your life and a perfect opportunity to love yo’self.

Give thanks this Valentine’s Day

Give Thanks

Gratitude has a convenient way of making you feel good. Tell your favourite people you love them, acknowledge the good things around you, and think about just how amazing your life is and all the things that have influenced this. Even when life is giving you lemons, there is always something to be grateful for. Make the lemonade.

Choose your own Valentine’s Day flowers


The good thing about buying your single self a big bunch of flowers is, 1) you get to choose whatever you want (no ugly carnations this year thank-you-very-much) and 2) there’s something particularly gratifying about not needing to wait and see if somebody else does. It’s independence, baby.

Spend Valentine’s Day doing what makes your soul happy


Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, giving you the whole day to do whatever it is you love doing. Shop for new lingerie, go for a massage, do yoga on the beach, see your friends, enjoy a champagne breakfast, or spend the entire day watching Netflix in your underwear. Do what makes your soul happy and give back to you.

Embrace your singleton status this Valentine’s Day


Being single is pretty damn awesome. You get to do what you want, when you want, indulge in your secret single behaviour any time you damn well like, and dedicate 100% of your energy towards finding your happiest, healthiest version of you. Embrace and celebrate your singleton status and love yo’self this Valentine’s Day.

Words by:
Made It Guest Blogger, Sarah
Guest blogger,

Sarah Harrison (a.k.a. Little Miss Melbourne)

Francophile. Digital gypsy. Undomestic goddess. City girl.

Sarah is the editor of lifestyle and travel profile, Little Miss Melbourne. She loves sharing life in the city both here and overseas, while helping businesses shape and share their brand story through digital.
Visit Little Miss Melbourne or follow her on Instagram for a visual taste of the city life.

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