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What to Take to the Beach

12 January 2016

Summer Survival Series: What to pack for the beach

What you take to the beach and how long it takes you to organise for the adventure really depends on if you have kids or not. Raise your hand if you know what I’m talking about!

Once you become a parent, time shifts. Getting out the door used to be a 5 minute thing, now it can take anywhere from 45-90 minutes depending if halfway through the pack-up organisation session someone needs a toilet break.

Now, that being said, no matter your situation, there are still some essentials when it comes to packing your beach bag…

1. Swimmers

Duh! Seems obvious, right? But there has been many a time where I got to the beach and only then realised that they didn’t make it into the bag – then comes the awful choice of either swimming in what you have on, or doing a dash back home to grab them.

Swimmers by Sunhaze

Swimmers by Sunhaze

2. Sunscreen

This one is frustrating as it usually takes me ALL summer to find a brand of sunscreen that I like. One that doesn’t go on thick like zinc, or leave my face feeling like an oily fry-pan after bacon and eggs. While I’m on the topic of sunscreen don’t forget your lips. Keep protected with a sun barrier lip balm.

Natural Lip Balm by WillowTreeLane

100% Natural Sun Barrier Lip Balm by Willow Tree Lane

3. Sunglasses

You get to the beach, the water is beautiful, the sand is warm, it’s just so relaxing, but you can’t see anything as you spend the whole day squinting!

4. Footwear

Sandles / thongs / flip-flops – whatever you like to call them – bring them. The sand is going to get hot!

5. Something to Sit On

Yes, you have a beach towel, but that’s almost always too small and is covered in sand in about 30 seconds. A gorgeous picnic blanket that is big enough for four people and will keep your towel free for drying-off after your swim? Perfect.

Picnic Blanket by islandhomeemporium

Tropical Hawaiian Palms Picnic Rug by Island Home Emporium

6. A Hat

When you are looking for a hat, think about the brim – that bit that keeps the sun off. Yes, some of the tiny hats are fashionable, but they won’t protect you from the attack of the freckles.

Hat by Joyfoolery

Hat by Joyfoolery

7. Snacks

Lots of them! If you are swimming you always get super hungry after a dip. Plus, if you’re with kids, the snacks can help keep them from dripping cold, sandy water on your while you try to chill out and catch some rays.

8. Wet Bag

To finish off your beach bag, don’t forget to pack a bag for all the wet sandy stuff to go into. A plastic bag will suffice, or you can even opt for fabric if you want to show-off your wet bag with pride, and keep it trendy on your corner of the sand.

9. Nappy Wallet

Do you have young kids? Don’t leave behind the stocked nappy wallet. Also great for wiping grubby faces, or ice cream drips running down to little elbows. When a nappy wallet looks this good, you’ll wish you had kids to buy one for.

Nappy Wallet by mamacaribou

Nappy Wallet by Mama Caribou

10. Beach Bag

To put it all together, and so next time packing for the beach is easy-peasy, just keep things all together in a designated beach bag. A bag you can transform depending on how many people you are packing for. Perfect!

Waterproof Messenger Bag by ClickClackPiggyBack

Waterproof Messenger Bag in Red Floral by Click Clack Piggy Back

Words by:
Made It Resident Blogger, Meredith
Resident blogger,

Meredith (a.k.a. “Honest Dave”)

Creative coach, pixel perfectionist and handmade obsessed.

Store: Dee Dub Designs

  • Joyfoolery

    Love it! Great guide to the beach and thank you for including my Sunhat! xx

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