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Tell us a little bit about your picks!

My world at the moment is dragons.

My son has let Dragons take over our life and home, not that I mind as I have always been drawn to these mythical creatures. I love to see how people explore mythical ideas and creatures, the imagination takes hold when you enter the world of the fantastical. I love each item chosen for their individual interpretation of what a dragon is. Enjoy

1. Nappy Pants $17 by LitleBoubba
2. Toy $45 by Ribryba
3. Card $4 by Mum and Me Handmade Designs
4. Toy $40 by Luv Lil B

Dragons 5. Soap $5.50 by Ginger Bee Soaps
6. Toy $25 by Chelle Belle
7. Shorts $20 by Little Whimsy Fox
8. Prints $20 by More than Words

Picked by Jakai Made visit store

26 October 2015

  • Ribryba

    Thank you so much for including my little dragon.
    Kristy x

  • JakaiMade

    No worries at all. Beautiful work. X

  • LuvLilB

    Thank you for choosing our dragon to be a part of your blog. He is such a lovable little character and a favourite of mine :)
    Leanne :) xx

  • GingerBeeSoaps

    Dragons are great creatures :-) and the selection here is lovely. Thank you for choosing my Dragons Blood soap. I promise no Dragons were hurt in the making of this soap.

  • ChelleBelle

    Thanks for including our dragon softie.

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