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Tell us a little bit about your picks!

Lovelies for your Ears.

Being almost at the stage with my youngest that I can put earrings back on so having a little browse – looking like I will be dropping some hints for Christmas pressies.

Lovelies for your Ears
1. Triangular $10 by Oh Deer
2. Black Onyx $34 by Escape Jewellery
3. Sweet Birds $10 by Gorgeous By Carly
4. Little Rabbits $12 by Kiss My Patootie

Lovelies for your Ears 5. Long Tassels $25 by The Glamorous Llama
6. Purple Studs $12 by Glass Rainbows
7. Floral Rose Gold $8 by 2 Favourite Girls
8. Alpaca’s $7.90 by apooki

Picked by Dee Dub Designs visit store

09 October 2015

  • kissmypatootie

    Thank you for choosing my little rabbits to be part of your blog. I love all of the others you have chosen especially the little birds

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