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Plant It

Tell us a little bit about your picks!

It's spring and I'm out in the garden, repotting all of my plants. These planters fill me with inspiration for a beautiful garden.

Plant Finds
1. The Hanging Pod $45 by thecolouredknot
2. Concrete Duo Succulent Planter Set $40 by UrbanDecor
3. Kokedama Moss Ball $25 by NunoandGreen
4. The Beach Air Plant Vase $27.95 by FleurieuGifts

Plant Finds 5. Concrete copper stripe planter trio set $30 by RAWdesignco
6. Rope Plant Cosy Basket $55 by dotanddash
7. Terrarium Brooch $14 by apooki
8. Cactus planter $22 by JustAddSalt

Picked by Kaetoo visit store

7 October 2015

  • JustAddSalt

    Great Finds, thanks so much Kate!

  • kaetoo

    Most welcome @JustAddSalt!

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