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Japanese Finds

Tell us a little bit about your picks!

Handmade - Japanese Style. My picks this week are inspired by my love of Japanese prints and my wish one day to see the cherry blossoms in Japan. I love shopping and searching for Japanese inspired items and also love adding a bit of Japanese flavour to my range of products. I love Japanese printed papers and fabrics and am an absolute lover of cherry blossoms so I could not go pass these gorgeous and vibrant handmade finds.

1. Clutch $85 by The Niki Tree
2. Clutch $50 by Zella Bella
3. Necklace $30 by Lauren Williams
4. Necklace $39 by Sasha+Max Studio

Japanese Finds 5. Skirt $75 by WildJoy
6. Bookmark $6 by Sparrowhawk Designs
7. Necklace $8.50 by orangehouse
8. Earrings $14.50 by mikano world

Picked by The Paper Angel visit store

23 September 2015

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