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Food Finds

Tell us a little bit about your picks!

Hi, I have chosen this theme as my profession is a Nutritionist. This month is September fruit and veg month, promoting fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables. I love fruit fabric and products, they always make me smile, especially the pineapple items, this fruit is such an unusual shape it can't be mistaken for any other fruit.

Food Finds
1. Play food Sushi Set $45 by Razzle Dazzle Creations
2. Coasters $29.95 by Studio Astratta
3. Earrings $7.90 by apooki
4. Onesie $13.90 by Dandelion

Food Finds 5. Cup Cosy $7.50 by Tigs Togs
6. Bath Bomb $6 by Soap by Elena
7. magnets $12.50 by Badge Bliss
8. Bib $10 by cocoandmoose

Picked by Sew Sessions visit store

10 September 2015

  • TigsTogs

    Wow ! Thanks for choosing my watermelon cup cosy for this great blog post . Meg

  • Thank you for featuring my pineapple applique onesie! :) I didn't realise September is fruit and veg month. Cool! :)

  • StudioAstratta

    Thanks so much for including my pineapple coasters. Great picks =)

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