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Undiscovered Finds

Tell us a little bit about your picks!

Undiscovered - Featuring Made Its most recent and hidden talents. Sharing the 'little gems' I've found during my daily adventures browsing this site! I love handmade and Australian made equally and hope you do too by supporting the stores on madeit.com.au.

Undiscovered Finds
1. Pendant $45 by Crystal Intelligence
2. Stamp Carving Kit $40 by Handmaker's Factory
3. Clock $29.98 by By Linda
4. Gift tags $2 by paper Love Cards

Undiscovered Finds 5. Clutch $37 by MutskaDesign
6. Illustrations $24.95 by Skart and Savvy Design Posters & Illustrations
7. Wheat sacs $24 by wheatsacs
8. terrarium $50 by The glass garden collection

Picked by Little Gem Handmade visit store

  • guest466

    Wonderful blog and most grateful for the inclusion.

    Thank you so much

    Robyn xx

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