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Crochet Finds

Tell us a little bit about your picks!

I love all things crochet and believe they make wonderful gifts for all ages. There is nothing more beautiful than a crochet blanket or a lovely plush toy.

Crochet Finds
1. Beanie $22 by lollie & bean
2. Blanket sold by BJ Design & Embrodery
3. Pen holder $35 by The Coloured Knot
4. Play Food $19.95 by pinkpetal

Crochet Finds 5. Booties $33 by Bumble Bee Designs
6. Bunny $30 by Magoo
7. Blanket $50 by Building Blessings
8. Beanie $25 by Sweet and Sassy

Picked by Billy and Rose visit store

7 August 2015

  • TigsTogs

    Great choices.

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