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Floral Finds

Tell us a little bit about your picks!

I am slightly obsessed with floral. I love seeing it on items that you wouldn't expect to see in floral print!

1. Baby Shoes $16 by Teddy & I
2. Nappy Wallet $25 by Vicki Elle
3. Girls Jacket $50 by La & Le Creations
4. bib $10 by Little Miss Issy

Name 5. Ironing board cover $25 by Modern Homewares
6. Coin purse $12.50 by Neddynibbles
7. Legging $16 by jerseybaby
8. cushion $50 by Rhapsody and Thread

Picked by Mrs Piper visit store

31 July 2015

  • TigsTogs

    Great picks!

  • ModernHomewares

    Oh WOW......don't mind a bit of floral myself !!!

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