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Art Finds

Tell us a little bit about your picks!

These beautiful finds are some of the amazing artworks I found on MadeIt! There are so many. I have an art background myself and just love looking at vibrant, colourful artworks to brighten up my day during Winter.

1. Lillipond Art $52 by by Tanya
2. miss moo's day out $20 by katiejardine
3. Art Print Abstract $20 by Blossomnbird
4. Follow your angel $18 by Le Petite Bijou

Name 5. Houses in a Row $30 by Bits and Pieces created by Marg xx
6. Woodland Art Print $44 by Chickenrittle
7. Treasures of the Sea $14.99 by Art by Jaz Higgins
8. Tree of life $250 by Wild Joy

Picked by Boonlell Bags visit store

17 July 2015

  • TigsTogs

    Beautiful choices.

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