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Time Management

Tell us a little bit about your picks!

I have recently moved across the country (vertically) and had originally planned to choose some amazing prints to cover my blank walls. however, due to my poor organisation skills and forgetfulness, I left my blog pick until the last possible minute, longer really... And so, my picks are based around time. Clocks, planners, gorgeous diary covers and a couple of cheeky Alice in Wonderland inspired items ;)

Time Management
1. planner $45 by Miss Meg Shop
2. Softie Doll $36 by Style Miss
3. Cupcake Toppers sold by Sugar & Spice Cupcakes
4. Foil Print $22 by Anrol Cards

Time Management 5. watch $80 by Matoirs
6. Slip Cover A6 $34 by iheartcharlie
7. Journal holiday by sarahemilydesign
8. clock $130 by Senkki Furniture

Picked by Curtiepie visit store

10 July 2015

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