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Designer Spotlight Cleanse With Benefits

Madeit Gift Guide

New Items

Crocheted Stubbie Cooler/Bottle Cosy/Koozie with flower
Thank You Card
Just Because
Crocheted Stubbie Cooler/Bottle Cosy/Koozie
A pendant with Abalone shell
Doll, Cloth Doll for Girls by SallyAnneTelfer on Madeit
Baby Blanket, Baby Quilt, Flannel Snuggle Blanket for Baby Girl
Toy Elephant, Cloth Elephant with  Rattle by SallyAnneTelfer on Madeit
Thank You Card
Girls Dress, Pillowcase Dress, Size 6  
Handmade card
Happy Birthday
Thank You Card
Decorative Felted Dread Extensions
Decorative Felted Dread Extensions
Handmade Card
Thank You Card