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Madeit Gift Guide

New Items

Little Ugg Boots
Little Blue Ugg Boots
Size1 Blue flower Party dress
Size2 Pink flower Party dress
Size1 Burgundy Retro flower Party dress
Size 3 / Fresh Lemon A-line dress
Apple Ruffle dress/Cotton-Linen/Mustard yellow
Ladybug Ruffle dress/Cotton-Linen/Pink
Sterling silver chainmaille necklace. Agate stone sterling silver necklace.
Midnight & Scarlet Ruffle Blanket
Silvery Grey and Jet Ruffle Blanket
Cocoa & Blush Ruffle Blanket
Ocean Pastels Ruffle Blanket
Blush Pastels Ruffle Blanket
Dusky Pink Shoes
Smoky Grey Shoes
Decorative Elegant Fridge Wall Chalkboard Decal - With free chalk marker
Fabric Storage Organiser Bin Basket -  Teal and Navy Feathers