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  • Xmas Daily Finds

Madeit Gift Guide

New Items

Tiny Flower Studs | Sterling Silver Studs, flower studs, small silver studs
Bar Studs | sterling silver studs | minimal studs | simple studs | small studs
Tulip Necklace | Sterling Silver Tulip Necklace Handcrafted by Ginny Reynders
Cloud Necklace | sterling silver necklace, silver cloud necklace, cloud pendant
Pack of 5 butterfly cards
BABY GIFT SET  - Handmade Soft Cloth Doll and Teething Ring Toy
Wristlet Pouch Purse in Blue and Black Butterfly Fabric Design
Blue Cat on Blue and Black
Diamond Print  Cotton Cushion Cover
Navy, black, and white Japanese geometric print lined wristlet
Silver Teardrops
Wristlet Pouch Purse in Red Green Apple Fruit Design
Blue Butterfly Studs
Girls Dress: Sz 2 & 3 ($35); Sz 4-6 ($40); Sz 7-12 ($45) (girl/outfit/Christmas)
Cold Porcelain Christmas Cat Tags
Green Christmas Cat Cold Porcelain Gift Tags
Christmas Green Mozzarella Catnip Mouse
Pink Kitty Blanket
Computer Chip Drink coasters or paperweights - 2 pack - Resin